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We are all about Good Vibes...

I grew up in North Carolina hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and anything you could think of that I could get into outdoors. I rediscovered that love of kayaking living in Tampa Bay as an adult. 

As single mothers, my partner and I always wanted to do as much as we could for our children. Whether it be taking them to an amusement park,  kayaking, out on boat rides, etc. We could never afford to do things like that because we had so little to survive on. They were luxuries we just couldn't afford. 


We wanted to bring our love for kayaking to your family in order to make amazing memories together. No matter if your 5 years old or 100 years old it is about the experience!


Leave the electronics & reality to the wayside for a little while and just be at peace with your surroundings.


Knowledge of Tampa Bay 


Personalized Experiences


Locally Owned & Operated


Quality Equipment


“Hands down best kayaking experience I've ever had. I'd give more stars if I could


- Logan, CA. -

"Awesome time kayaking with good vibes, they were super helpful and fun! The spot they were located was really pretty and easy to navigate too"

- Lexie, FL. -

“It was so fun and I had the best time”

- Madison, CA. -

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